Professor Gavin Andrews


Department of Health Aging Society
McMaster University


Dr. Gavin J. Andrews, Professor and Chair, Department of Health Aging and Society, McMaster University.

Gavin received an undergraduate degree in human geography from Lampeter University in 1992 and a PhD in health geography from University of Nottingham in 1997. From 1997 to 2001 he held the positions of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader in Health Studies in Buckinghamshire University (UK). From 2001 to 2006 he was an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. In 2006, Gavin accepted his current Chair position at McMaster.

His research sits within into the following four fields of sub-disciplinary inquiry in human geography - ‘the geography of health care organizations and work’; ‘the geography of aging’; ‘the geography of sport and fitness’ and ‘the geography of CAM’.

He has investigated a wide range of empirical subjects within these fields including small businesses in health care; nursing management and education; phobias and health and health care in wartime. With specific regard to CAM, Gavin has researched a wide variety of subjects including the nature of small business and private practitioners, including their backgrounds, pathways to practice, ethical and management decisions (incidentally this was the first major study of CAM providers ever published); CAM in nursing, CAM use by older people, imagery and imagination in CAM.

To date, Gavin has published over 85 journal articles and contributions to collections. His edited book. ‘Ageing and Place: Perspectives, Policy, Practice’ (Routledge), was published in 2005. Two other books by him ‘Sociology of Ageing: a Reader’ (Rawat) and ‘Primary Health Care: People, Practice, Place’ (Ashgate) are both forthcoming.

As PI, he has obtained operating grants totaling $Cn666,000 from a number of funding sources including the British National Health Service, the Nuffield Foundation and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. As both PI and Co-I he has been involved in grants totaling almost two million dollars.

Gavin is the North American Editor International Journal of Older People Nursing, and Associate Editor Journal of Applied Gerontology. He also sits on the editorial and/or advisory boards for Integrative Medicine in Cancer Care; Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice; Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing; and Asian Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

Gavin may be contacted at [email protected]

As a human geographer, Gavin studies geographies of health care work, aging, and public health. He as spent much of his career developing and encouraging research at interface of health geography and the health sciences. He has investigated a wide range of empirical subjects including private sector care, small businesses in health care; nursing education and recruitment, and complementary medicine.



PhD, University of Nottingham
BGeog, Lampeter University


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