NORPHCAM Key Collaborators


NORPHCAM collaborators are researchers and practitioners with a shared passion and vision for promoting and advancing the public health and health services research and research capacity building agenda around CAM. Collaborators are grouped below into two streams:



NORPHCAM Researcher Collaborators


NORPHCAM Practitioner Collaborators





Researcher Collaborators











New Zealand


China, Hong Kong






United Kingdom




United States








Tamara Agnew - University of South Australia


Professor Jon Adams - University of Technology Sydney


Dr Steven Bowe - Cancer Council Victoria


Associate Professor Alex Broom - University of Queensland


Steven Chong - Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Complementary Medicine


Dr Assa Doron - Australian National University


Dr Sue Evans - Southern Cross University


Gina Fox - Endeavour College of Natural Health


Lyn Francis - University of Newcastle


Professor Cindy Gallois - University of Queensland


Dr Sandra Grace - Charles Sturt University 


Professor Nick Graves - Queensland University of Technology


Helen Hall - Monash University


Professor Caroline Homer - University of Technology Sydney


Jennifer Hunter - University of Sydney & the Menzies Centre for Health Policy


Dr Angelo Iezzi - Monash University


Mr David Levy - University of Sydney


Ms Monique Lewis - Southern Cross University


Associate Professor Stephen Jan - George Institute & University of Sydney


Dr Raymond Khoury - University of Sydney


Dr Matthew Leach - University of South Australia


Dr Chi-Wai Lui - University of Queensland


Dr Parker Magin - University of Newcastle




Dr Deirdre McLaughlin - University of Queensland


Dr Jo-Anne Raynor - Latrobe University


Professor David Sibbritt - University of Technology Sydney


Mrs Amie Steel - University of Queensland


Dr Pamela van der Riet - University of Newcastle


Dr Jon Wardle - University of Technology Sydney


Professor Michael Weir - Bond University


Associate Professor Jenny Wilkinson - Charles Sturt University


Margaret Williamson - Manager R&D, National Prescribing Service


Professor Charlie Xue - RMIT University


Associate Professor Christopher Zaslawski - University of Technology Sydney


Dr Tony Zhang - RMIT University





Professor Nelson Filice de Barros - State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)





Professor Gavin Andrews - McMaster University


Professor Ivy Bourgeault - University of Ottawa


Dr Daniel Hollenberg - McMaster University & University of Toronto


Dr Dugald Seely - The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine



China, Hong Kong


Dr Vincent Chi Ho Chung


Associate Professor Samson Tse - University of Hong Kong





Professor Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde - The Back Research Centre / University of Southern Denmark





Professor Faruque Ahmed - Indian Academy of Public Health


Professor Sunita Amruthesh


Dinesh Barbola - Kurukshetra University


Dr Rajesh Mali - Apollo Hospital Education and Research Foundation (AHERF) 


Professor K.R. Nayar - Jawaharwal Nehru University


Professor R. Chaudhury - Apollo Hospital Education and Research Foundation (AHERF)





Dwi Linna Suswardany - Muhammadiyah university of Surakarta





Dr Syed Mohammed Naveed Ul Huda - Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences



New Zealand


Associate Professor Joanne Barnes - University of Auckland


Ms Heather Anne Lofthouse


Professor Heather McLeod


Mr Vijayendra Murthy - Wellpark College of Natural Therapies


Associate Professor Samson Tse - University of Auckland


Ms Lesley Ward - University of Otago




Pradeep G Paul - Health Services & Outcomes Research Department, National Healthcare Group



United Kingdom


Dr Martin Benwell - London South Bank University


Gerhard Bissels - CAMLIS / Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital


Dr Caroline Eyles - University of Southampton


Doug Foot - CBT, Psychotherapy, Counselling & qcupuncture


Ian Cambray-Smith - Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health


Dr Peter Fisher - Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital


Dr Brian Isbell - University of Westminster


Professor Mary Lovegrove - London South Bank University


Denise Rankin-Box - Editor-in-Chief, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice


Dr Damien Ridge - University of Westminster


Professor Nicky Robinson - Thames Valley University


Ms R. Santosh - University of Winchester


Professor Kate Thomas - University of Leeds



United States


TSA-IL - Tourette Syndrome Association of Illinois, Inc.


Professor Ian Coulter - RAND & UCLA


Professor Claire Johnson - National University of Health Sciences


Ms Kristen Porter - New England School of Acupuncture


 Dr Elizabeth Sommers - American Public Health Association and Boston University


Marsha Handel- Beth Israel Medical Center



Practitioner Collaborators


A major aim of the NORPHCAM program is to develop and promote closer ties and partnerships between CAM researchers and interested practitioners from across all fields of health care. As such, we have founded a practitioner collaboration stream - a stream of named practitioners who share the NORPHCAM vision for collaboration across research and practice and who are interested in and/or have a track record in conducting empirical studies of CAM. The following list is regularly updated and if you are a practitioner focused upon/interested in CAM, who shares our research capacity building vision and would like to be a named NORPHCAM collaborator, please feel free to contact us.



Jenny Adams - Foundation House (Vic)/Endeavour College of Natural Health

Specialities: Women's heatlh, international health with traditional medicine focus


Cathy Allan - Lotus Holistic Centre, Hastings, New Zealand

Specialities:  Therapeutic massage, naturopathy, herbal medicine


Polly Ambermoon

Specialities: Acupuncture, qualitative and quantitative research


Sonia Bailey - Reflexology Association of Australia

Specialities: Reflexology, metamorphosis


Daniel Baden - Director BioMedican Nutraceuticals

Specialities: Herbal medicine, homoeopathy and nutritional medicine


Larisa Barnes

Specialities: Naturopathy, Western herbal medicine, homoeopathy, nutrition


Denise Beddoes - Wellpark Natural Therapies, Auckland, New Zealand

Specialities: Yoga and yoga therapy


Dr Hasnah Bibon - Herbal Medicine Research Centre, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Specialities: Herbal medicine research


Michelle Boyd - National Herbalist Association of Australia

Specialities: Herbal medicine, naturopathy


Cathy Boyle - Reflexology Association of Australia

Specialities: Reflexology


Nikki Chad

Specialities: naturopathy, herbal medicine


Steven Chong - Editor Journal of Complementary Medicine

Specialities: General - products and practice, regulatory, research integration


Kev Clayton - Member NHAA, ANTA

Specialities: Naturopathy, pharmacist


John Coleman

Specialities:  Reiki


Lara Coleman - Sydney University School of Public Health, One Health Organisation

Specialities: Naturopathy


Bryce Conrad - Past President CAA(NSW), Executive Director and Treasurer CAA (NSW)

Specialities: Chiropractic, multidisciplinary patient-centred care


Phillip Cottingham - Principal Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

Specialities: Aromatherapy, ayurveda, herbal medicine, massage therapy, craniosacra therapy, naturopathy, nutrition, yoga


Elizabeth Cowley 

Specialities: Naturopathy, herbal medicine


Angela Doolan - NHAA

Specialities: Naturopathy, herbal medicine


Stephen Dullard - Southern Cross University

Specialities: Osteopath, chronic pain, psychoneuroimmunology


Angela Duncan

Specialties: naturopathy, western herbal medicine


Heather Edwards - Director - Research, Reflexology Association of Australia

Specialities: Reflexology, aromatherapy, lifestyle nutrition


Gina Fox - Endeavour College in Melbourne

Specialities:  Naturopathy


Maria Forbes 

Specialities: Naturopathy


Lyn Francis - University of Newcastle NSW

Specialities: Reiki, massage, teaching complementary and healthcare open electric subject at University of Newcastle


Dr Sandra Grace - The Education ofor Practice Institute, Charles Sturt University

Specialities: Integrative medicine, CAM education


Dr Tini Gruner - Southern Cross University: ANPA, NSA, ISCMR, NHCA

Specialities: Naturopathy, nutrition


Helen Hall 

Specialities: Naturopathy


Anne Hilarius-Ford - Reflexology Association of Australia

Specialities: Reflexology, reiki


Waveny Holland - Chinese medicine practitioner

Specialities:  Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese remedial massage


Susan Hopper - AACMA

Specialities: Traditional Chinese medicine - acupuncture


Verena James - Reflexology Association of Australia

Specialities: Reflexology


Linlee Jordan - Nature Care College (Director of the Aurum Project)

Specialities: Homeopathic medicine


Ruth Kendon - NHAA, AIMA, ASMI, ARCS

Specialities: Naturopath, herbalist, TGA regulation


Maxine Kohn - IAAMA, RAOA

Specialities: Reflexology and aromatherapy


Stavros D Ktenas

Specialities: Chiropractic


Catherine Lilburn - ATMS

Specialities: Herbal medicine, naturopathy

Sridhar Maddela - Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

Specialities: Yoga, yoga therapy and Indian naturopathy


Miranda Mann - Reflexology Association

Specialities: Qualitative research


Jody McKenzie - ATMS, NHAA, IMIS

Specialities: Naturopath, medical herbalist, infant massage instructor


Daryl McKinlay - Reflexology Association of Australia

Specialities: Male adolescents and behaviour change


Petrina Reichman

Specialities: Homeopathy


Colin Rossie - Integrative Bodywork Pty Ltd

Specialities: Structural integration, movement, somatic education, fascia research, scoliosis research, remedial massage, soft tissue therapy


Catherine Scanlon - Shiatsu Health Centre, Milton Keynes (UK)

Specialities: Shiatsu


Susanna Shelton - Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy (NZ) & Endeavour College of Natural Health (NZ)

Specialities: Homeopathy


Carmen Stout - Reflexology Association of Australia

Specialities: Reflexology, podiatry


Lisa Tristram - IAAMA Education Officer; International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association

Specialities: Aromatherapy/aromatic medicine, reflexology, mind-body medicine, reiki/spiritual healing, crystal vibrational therapy


Dr Pamela Van der Riet - Newcastle University

Specialities: Yoga, meditation, massage


Inger Fjord Villadsen - CEA/CAA

Specialities: Chiropractic


Rebecca Weeks

Specialities: Acupuncture, massage



If you are interested in being a named collaborator as part of the NORPHCAM network, please fill in this recruitment form and return it to us as an email attachment.