Dr Parker Magin


School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Newcastle


I am a GP and a primary health care researcher. My research interest in CAM arose from qualitative studies of patients with skin disease as part of a PhD project. Use of CAM had an important part to play in these patients experience of their illness. My subsequent research interests in CAM are principally in the areas of psychological associations and consequences of CAM use and the use of CAM in skin disease and in the elderly, but I see trials of CAM therapies as being especially suited to a primary care setting. My other principal areas of research interest are occupational violence and the psychological effects of skin disease.


PhD, University of Newcastle
Grad Dip of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Newcastle
Master of General Practice Psychiatry, Monash University
Master of Family Medicine, Monash University
Diploma of Paediatrics, John Hunter Children’s Hospital and Hunter Postgraduate Medical Institute
Fellow, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Class II Division I Honours), University of New South Wales


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