Dr Jenny Wilkinson


School of Biomedical Sciences
Charles Sturt University



PhD, Macquarie University
BSc, University of Queensland


Journal articles
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Journal articles

Wilkinson JM, Tinley P: Knowledge, beliefs and use of complementary medicines by Australian podiatrists. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, (accepted Mar 2008). Link to publication - COMING SOON!

Kamkaen N, Wilkinson JM: The antioxidant activity of flower petal extracts from Clitoria ternatea. Phytotherapy Research, (accepted Dec 2007).Link to publication - COMING SOON!

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Book Chapters

Wilkinson JM (2006) Methods for testing antimicrobial activity of extracts. In Ahmad I, Aquil F, Owais M (Eds) Modern Phytomedicine: Turning medicinal plants into drugs. Germany: Wiley-VCH. Link to publication

Cavanagh HMA, Wilkinson JM (2006) Bioactivity of Lavandula essential oils, hydrosols and plant extracts. Canberra: RIRDC. Link to publication Monograph