Inaugural NORPHCAM Conference Hailed a Success (October 2018)

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The recent inaugural international NORPHCAM Conference held at St Leo's College, University of Queensland in October received core sponsorship from Apple Australia, Elsevier and the University of Queensland. The Conference attracted over 150 delegates from all across Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Brazil, Canada and Malaysia. The weekend event was opened by the Hon. Mark Butler, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Professor Sue Tett, Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Queensland. Conference delegates received stimulating and insightful plenary talks from Professor Claire Johnson (US), Professor Ian Coulter (US), Dr Ramli Ghani (Malaysia) and Andrea Chandler (UK) amongst others.
Practitioners, researchers and students attended a number of research capacity building workshops held over the 2 days and concurrent oral presentations provided a window on a number of key public health and health services research topics currently attracting attention in Australia and internationally. Importantly, the Conference also provided an excellent opportunity for delegates across practice and research to network and advance key areas of interest around CAM.
As Jon Adams, NORPHCAM Executive Director stated, 'The inaugural conference was important on a number of fronts. The conference helped move towards bridging the current divide between CAM researchers and practitioners and highlighted CAM research which is practice and policy relevant. For too long Australian CAM researchers have neglected to focus sufficiently upon CAM practice (as opposed to just products) and have overlooked the important contribution of practitioners to the research enterprise more generally'. A/Prof Adams went on to explain, 'the Australian health care system is facing a number of fundamental challenges including an ageing population and an increasing burden of chronic illness. In response, prevention and wellbeing are crucial topics that require further research attention and the potential role of CAM in this regard is huge'.
NORPHCAM is keen to build upon the success of the inaugural 2018 Conference and there are plans to host another event in the future. Please visit the NORPHCAM website for updates on this forthcoming event.
Here are links to presentations of all the keynote speakers plus a few pictures of the event. As the other presentations in the conference are copyrighted, they cannot be uploaded to the website. Please contact the presenter directly if you require further information.



Conference Plenary Presentations:

The 2018 NORPHCAM Conference Program [PDF 980K]
Barriers and Bridges in CAM Research and Scientific Publication (Prof. Claire Johnson) [PDF 673KB]
Focusing Upon a Public Health Perspective for Complementary Medicine: The NORPHCAM Initiative (Assoc. Prof. Jon Adams) [PDF 177KB]
The Rocky Road from Efficacy to Effectiveness: New Research Directions in CAM in the US (Prof. Ian Coulter) [PDF 1.5MB]
Delivering the Evidence: What CAMLIS can do for you (Ms. Andrea Chandler) [PDF 723KB]
Integrating Traditional and Complementary Medicine Services in National Health Care: Malaysian Experiences (Dr. Ramli Abd. Ghani) [PDF 4.15MB]
CAM Practitioners and Research Involvement: Personal Experiences, Success Stories (Assoc. Prof. David Sibbritt) [PDF 454KB]


Photos of the Event:



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