NORPHCAM Collaborators receive $450 771 NHMRC grant to examine women's CAM use across the rural/urban divide (November 2017)

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NORPHCAM collaborators Associate Professor Jon Adams, Associate Professor David Sibbritt and Dr Alex Broom were recently awarded a AUD$450 771 NHMRC grant to investigate "CAM use among mid-age women: a national mixed-methods study across the urban-rural divide". This grant, headed by A/Prof Jon Adams and conducted in collaboration with researchers from Monash University, RMIT and the University of Melbourne, employed survey design, diary methods and telephone interviews to examine the complexities of mid-age women's use of various CAM therapists and over-the-counter products. As A/Prof Adams explains, 'some of our previous analysis of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health has identified rural women as statistically more likely to consult CAM practitioners than their urban counterparts, this recent Government funding will help test a number of hypotheses as to why this is the case'. Further details can be found at the University of Newcastle website.

Last changed: Nov 03 2017 at 10:34 AM