NORPHCAM leads first International Reader on Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine published by Palgrave MacMillan (Jun 2021)

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A first international reader in TCIM has been edited and sponsored by NORPHCAM. The 31 chapter collection, 'Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine: An International Reader' (Palgrave MacMillan) bringing together reprints of seminal research and peer-reviewed papers from the international scene alongside commissioned, cutting edge pieces is now available for purchase (see link below).

Professor Jon Adams, NORPHCAM Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of the book, explains: 'This authoritative collection is the first wide-ranging overview dedicated to TCIM and its scientific study. As editors and authors we wanted to provide a text that would help contribute to the critical, rigorous examination of TCIM as well as broaden the engagement with TCIM across many disciplines/perspectives including health economics, health geography, support services, health ethics, legal and regulatory issues, health social science and clinical traditions'.

The book provides resource, guidance and inspiration for academics, researchers, educators, students, practitioners and policymakers interested in TCIM and is co-edited by other NORPHCAM members and Executive alongside Professor Adams - Professor Gavin J. Andrews (McMaster University Canada), Associate Professor Joanne Barnes (University of Auckland, NZ), Associate Professor Alex Broom (University of Queensland, Australia) and Dr Parker Magin (University of Newcastle, Austalia).


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